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Frequently Asked Questions

Server Not Connecting/Showing Up

  • If your website is using HTTPS then, you need to set up a reverse proxy for the blip URL and the socket port in order for it to work. If you don’t know how to do this, just make the website use HTTP.
  • If the issue persists, make sure you have a “map” array in the config. See config.example.json.

Additionally, if you wanted to use your own images, you would need the YTD files then, you can get a developer to run the file located here.

Not Able to Communicate with the FiveM server

  • Make sure the resource is actually starting on the server. Usually, setting the debug to debug or something should give you enough information to see if it’s starting.
  • If it is starting and listening, make sure it’s allowed through the firewall.

Adding blips using a web request

No, but you can add then manually. You can either go to each place and and do the command in game or, edit the json file manually.

Error Getting Config, Cannot load map! Multiple Choices

Probably means that the user’s cannot access /config.json on your webserver. Make sure you can access it by going to http:///config.json and making sure it shows your config file.

Localhost Not Working

You need to use the server’s public IP in the config.json file for it to work for other users.

Unable to Display Livemap when using HTTPS

  1. It’s not possible for the resource to make a secure connection to FiveM. Simply, uninstall the resource.
  2. If you do, then lookup on Google for “set up reverse proxy in ".
  3. Substitute with the webservers name. And to get the websocket running securely as well, just change the query to “set up websocket revserse proxy in ".

Error with Socket Connection

Most likely a network issue. Make sure you have correctly opened your ports for the websocket connection.

Interface Not Connecting to Server

Port forward (if needed), allow though firewall and set the config to use the FiveM server’s public IP address.

Blips Not Appearing

This is most likely because you haven’t done the /blips generate command in game (you need to be an admin).

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